Daylight information

The importance of good light

Daylight information

Daylight is important when exercising various professions, thinking analysts color, make-up artists, photographers and Hairdressers. But what is light and what affairs play a role in a yet more perfect enlightenment?

Colour Temperature

The colour temperature of light is generally expressed in Kelvin (K), and mainly determines the colour of the light source, and virtually any type of light source can be obtained in different colours. Fluorescent lamps are for instance easily available with a colour temperature of 2200K (warm white) – 8000K (very cold white), just what colour is best for which application?


When you have “daylight” necessary it is important to first determine which colour temperature this is now. The following illustration shows that natural light has a different colour during the day. These colours are based on a clear day in the shade which means that on a slightly overcast or cloudy day the colours are different. Using direct sunlight on a person or object creates an exposure that is on the yellow end of the spectrum and is therefore not neutral.

light intensity

Besides the colour of light, the light intensity is very important. Light intensity is usually expressed in lumens. In make-up and colour analysis is the customer usually close to a mirror and if there is an external light to illuminate the customer it is important that the lights are not too bright because overexposure creates an unnatural look.

What exposure do I need now?

Colour analysis: if you want the customer to get colour advice based on neutral daylight you can use the best bulbs with a colour temperature between 5800K and 6200K. The intensity depends on the distance between the lamps and the customer. When using a light mirror as NaturalColour than the distance about 1 meter and then use a light intensity of between 650 and 750 lumens. Also Always have two lights that are parallel to each other (one left and one right from the client) because one lamp provides shade in the face of the customer.

Make-up: when makeup is important that you first determine in which circumstances the light makeup at best should come into its own.
Here there are two situations:

Artificial environment, if the makeup is applied to a person who has to work in an artificial environment, it is advisable to use the same light as the set. Applications (fashion) shows, in photography and TV.

Daylight environment: Is the makeup intended for example, bridal photography, TV reports outside or other situations in daylight, but the best light can be used. Again, too bright light creates an unnatural environment.